This plugin enables integration between projects using ant/buildmagic and projects using maven. The primary goals of this plugin are:
  1. Allow projects using buildmagic to retrieve dependencies from a maven repository (examples)
  2. Deploy jars and other artifacts built by build magic to a maven repository (examples)
  3. Deploy maven built artifacts to the buildmagic repository (examples)
Note: Some of the features of this plugin include automatic generation of content (component-info.xml, etc.). Because the plugin must make some assumtions about desired content when generating these files, it may be necessary to visually inspect and manually edit some of the generated content (component-info.xml, etc) before committing to the repository.

Goals Overview

The following maven goals are available in this plugin:

build-thirdparty Creates a thirdparty directory structure using artifacts downloaded from a maven repository.
maven-deploy Deploys buildmagic components to a maven repository.
thirdparty-deploy Generates component-info.xml and deploys maven artifacts to a buildmagic repository.


Basic instructions on how to use the Maven Buildmagic Thirdparty Plugin can be found on the usage page .


Several examples are provided to demonstrate common uses of the plugin: